Whether you’re suffering from strained eyes or experiencing blurred vision, you can boost
your eyesight’s health even without the use of corrective lenses or surgery. Yes, it’s possible.

You can have better vision even without glasses.

There’s a natural way to improving eyesight and that includes several different eye muscle exercises designed to naturally strengthen and better vision.

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And this is what we are here for exactly—to bring to you precise information and equip you with knowledge regarding the use of natural vision improvement. Here at, we will introduce to you an effective method that can help reverse myopia, hyperopia, and other serious eye conditions, as well as restore your vision naturally without the use of visual aids and other expensive and detrimental medical procedures.

Who developed the method?

One research that we convincingly believe and support in is the Bates Method by Dr. William Bates, an ophthalmologist who stopped prescribing glasses to his clients after finding out that their eye problems got increasingly worse after wearing “eye crutches”. It was then that he formulated an alternative vision therapy program that trains the eye and mind to see well better than before. Included in his research are different eye muscle exercises that are until now still used and practiced by many.

Why do you need eye muscle exercises?

Your eyes play a very vital role in your health that if you don’t take necessary measures to keep it healthy and fit, your eyes can be damaged, even permanently. But with the increase use of computers, laptops, TV and other devices, our eyes have become more prone to getting eye problems like eye strain, dry eyes, and blurred vision as well as associated symptoms like dizziness, light sensitivity, headache and other more. Certain eye conditions like cataracts, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, lazy eyes and other more also benefit from the effects of performing eye muscle exercises.

By doing eye exercises based on Bates method, you strengthen weak eye muscles that will enhance your eyes’ muscle tone while also increasing blood circulation. They’re not meant as miracle cures, but they may be able to aid in helping your eyes to work more efficiently.

The method applies to almost all visual problems, including:

Learn more of these eye exercises

There are several various ways of exercising your eyes. And with the aim of disseminating information about the benefits of regular performance, you can expect to find a lot of eye muscle exercises here in our site. Each one comes along with accurate details on how to step-by-step perform them and what they can do for your eyes.

As you navigate yourself around our site, you will get a more defined idea about the amazing “Vision Without Glasses” program that is purposefully bound to make you see sharper and clearer in only a few short weeks. If you’re still skeptic about the better vision without glasses concept, our site is here to help you change your mind about it.

Who can benefit from this site?

The content we provide here in our site is meant for the world wide audience who is interested in learning more about alternative ways to enhancing and improving vision in a natural way. If this is your first time encountering these natural eye care measures, we have thoroughly provided here in our site information and details to equip you with adequate knowledge and instill into your habits the natural ways of improving vision. Whether you are young or old, we have something that fits for you.

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As a site dedicated to providing sources on natural vision therapy, it is our greatest goal to get you started on eye exercises that can really help you acquire the confidence enjoyed by people with perfect 20/20 vision. No more wearing of glasses, only the poise of being able to see clearly and vividly.

To know more about vision without glasses, then we highly encourage you to go through our site, take a tour and learn more about what this vision therapy is all about.

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