Eye Exercises For Double Vision

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What is double vision? Double vision, or diplopia in medical terminology, is a condition caused by nerve disorders ghostthat give stimulation to the eye muscles.

It inhibits the images seen by both eyes from becoming a single image as normal. This means that the patient sees two images of a single thing either all the time, or some of the time. This displacement can either be horizontal, vertical or diagonal. Double vision can occur in two types: monocular double vision and binocular double vision.

There are several reasons as to why double vision may occur. And while there are technological ways to treat such eye condition, individuals may choose to help strengthen their eyes and improve their vision by doing simple exercises on a daily basis. Double vision can be lessened through doing these simple eye exercises or vision therapy in conjunction with advice and guidance of an ophthalmologist.

There are some who are skeptic about the effects of eye exercises especially on eye conditions like glaucoma and cataracts. However, double vision may be improved with eye exercises. Here are some examples of eye exercises for double vision:

Pencil Push-Up Therapy

This type of eye exercise is commonly recommended for convergence insufficiency. But it is also an effective exercise for other eyesight problems including double vision. This is easy to do and necessitate little upper body strength. To do this exercise, simply follow the steps:

  1. Hold a pencil vertically on front of you at arm’s length. It should be directly in front of your face, with the tip just below eye level.
  2. As you concentrate and focus on the point, move the pencil slowly toward your face. You will eventually notice that you see two pencils rather than one.
  3. Look away from the pencil momentarily to give your eyes a rest. You can do this by focusing on something across the room for 2 or 3 seconds.
  4. Then look back at the pencil point where you have paused. Look at the pencil point precisely, and try to concentrate so that the double vision fades away and you only see one image of the pencil.
  5. Do the pencil pushups for 10 minutes, continuing to move the pencil back and forth in front of your face.


In control of the eye moments are the cranial nerves three, fourth, fifth and sixth. But when the third nerve is damaged, it causes the affected eye to move outward when the unaffected eye looks forward. This causes double vision. In the same way, if the fourth nerve suffers an injury, the affected eye is unable to look down and inward which also causes double vision. Swinging may help deter double vision because it involves the eyes being move side to side as you tilt side to side to keep an object in focus. To perform this exercise, simply stand up and select an object that is in distance to stare at. Gently sway side to side and maintain the object in focus as best as you can. Blinking during the exercise is recommended.

Eye Rolling

Despite how rude it is to roll your eyes, eye rolling is an effective eye exercise. Rolling your ad3 (3)eyes in both directions may synchronize your eye movements and get your eyes to move inwards, downwards and in each direction you need them to be. You can perform this exercise by simply sitting down and looking straight ahead. Roll your eyes clockwise. Afterwards, roll them back counterclockwise and blink. Repeat this exercise as much as you want.

If you’ve been suffering with double vision for some time already, then it’s best that you perform the mentioned exercises above.Such exercises are effective in helping deal with double vision in a natural way.And if you want to learn more about natural eye exercises, then you must certainly visit the link below for more handy information:

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