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Did you know that as your child grows, his visual capabilities persist to grow and enhance along with him?

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However, not all children will have similar level of visual acuity. Even children with 20/20 vision may still suffer from undiagnosed vision problems in the long run making learning more complex. That is why as early as young age, it is essential to enforce performing simple eye strengthening exercises for kids.

A child’s vision and focusing skills can be improved with a diverse of entertaining exercises. And doing these exercises for kids each day can really make a difference on his vision. Here are some eye exercises that you can teach your child:


This is really easy to do. Simply write the number 1 to 60 in six rows. Your child can participate by having him out the number card. Hang up a calendar and then instruct your child to stand on the opposite side of the room. Hold the card about 6 inches from his face. Then have him move the paper outward until he can view the number one on his card clearly.

Afterwards, have him look at the same number on the calendar. Continue to do this for all numbers and have your child perform this exercise for the entire month. Remember, the goal is to let him hold his number card 3 inches from his face and still be able to see the numbers visibly. This can help him focus speedily as he practices shifting from his card to the calendar.


You child needs to be able to keep his place in the text visually as he learns to read or do math problems on paper. To help your child enhance his capability to follow words on the page so he doesn’t skip over words or sentences within the words, you can try the tracking exercise. This involves swinging a ball on a string before his eyes.

Place the ball at the level of your child’s nose. Gently swing the ball back and forth, and tell your child to follow the ball with his eyes without moving his head. You can also swing the ball toward and away from your child and instruct him to follow it with his eyes.

Dog House

In this exercise, let your child draw a picture of a puppy and a doghouse side by side. Or you can also print out a picture of it. Afterwards, have your child cross his eyes so that the puppy goes into his house. Let him try to keep the dog in the house for as long as he possibly can.

If your child finds it hard to do the exercise, have him place his finger on the picture in the space between the puppy and the dog house. Instruct him to maintain his eyes on his finger as he gradually brings it toward his nose. He should be able to see the dog moving into his house in the background.

Color of the Day

With this exercise, let your child look out for a certain color all throughout the day. The child will become more aware of an object’s color than its shape. For example, if the color of the day is yellow and the child comes across a yellow school bus, he will pay more attention to the color than the fact that it is a bus.

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It is essential for children to grow up with good eyesight. Learn more about eye exercises that can benefit you and your children by clicking through the link below:

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