Eye Exercises for Myopia: Crystal Clear Vision Using Natural Remedies

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Simple eye exercises for myopia can help give clearer vision.Wearing corrective lenses is the most common solution to nearsightedness although until recently, appropriate eye exercises for myopia were found to be equally effective, if not more beneficial.

Traditionally, we have always reached for glasses but we don’t have to be myopic about the benefits of natural remedies like eye exercise for myopia. Forerunners of Dr. William Bates Method believe that instead of complicated ways of bypassing nature, application of healthy vision habits can help myopic regain their perfect vision.

Let us try these simple eye exercises for myopia:

Eye Exercise for Myopica: Warm is cool! One of the simplest eye relaxation techniques is to briskly rub your hands together and place it over your closed eyes for a few minutes. Do not put pressure over the eyelids and breathe normally. Relax and do this a few times daily.

Eye Exercise for Myopica: Round-about! To relax strained eyes, open your eyes wide and move it in 360 degrees circular motion first to the right and then reverse it to the left. Blink whenever you reach the 12:00 position.

To regain vision without glasses, online sites for natural eye care guarantees that this eye exercise for myopia should be done several times a day.

Eye Exercise for Myopica: Pencil Power! Hold up a pencil as far as you can reach up front. With your eyes focused on the body of the pencil, pull it slowly towards your eyes. Take care that the lead point does not go into your eyes. Keep looking at the pencil until it goes out of focus. Then slowly push the pencil away until it is back to its original position.

Do this for five to ten minutes whenever your eyes are challenged by work overload. Done on a daily regimen plus a healthy diet, you can have your 20/20 vision back in no time.

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