Hand Eye Coordination Exercises

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There are various techniques to improve brainpower. Creating things through imagination, doing deep breathing exercises, doing hand eye coordination exercises and just by merely thinking to solve a problem are just some of the activities that will help develop the capabilities of the brain.

Hand-eye coordination uses the eyes to direct attention and the hands to perform a task. It doesn’t really increase your IQ since it’s only meant to mend your bodily function, but if you are determined to do these techniques daily, you may consider it as a permanent improvement. Improving brainpower should not be temporary!

By improving your brainpower, you may also alter your brain system. Now there are two means to improve brainpower: through mental and physical exercises.

Mental Exercises

Mental exercises like hand eye coordination exercises stops degeneration of your brain cells. So to be able to do it, choose exercises that you will enjoy doing. If you think being a couch potato will help you, think again. Here are some mental exercises that you may take part with:

  • crossword and scrabble are good exercises for your brain
  • joining a simple debate
  • adding your grocery list without using a calculator
  • Reading and playing memory games with your friends
  • Daydreaming and even just singing your favorite rock song

Physical Exercises

Physical exercises improve bodily function since it promotes better flow of oxygenated blood to the different systems of your body. Doing so, will improve brainpower indirectly. Playing basketball, football and your favorite sport that requires bodily functions are good exercises.

Jamming on a musical instrument is a good exercise too since it requires timing, tempo and concentration. Painting and sketching are beneficial as well as it requires hand eye coordination exercises to get the correct details. If your vision is affected to such exercises, take a look at certain websites for helpful tips.


Meditation also improves brainpower since it requires both physical and mental concentration. It improves your brain activity by thickening the cortex, the part of your brain which is used for sensory action and concentration. Experiments show that professional musicians and linguists have significant improvements in the structure of their cortex.

As stated in Dr. William Bates’ study, healthy body and mind can also result in a good vision.These physical and mental exercises will definitely improve your brainpower. Basic hand eye coordination exercises are naturally helpful to improve vision without glasses! If you want learn more about other natural eye exercises, click the link below:

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