Lazy Eyes: Effective Exercises to Clear Your Vision!

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Lazy eye exercises have been found effective in treating the effects of amblyopia. It occurs when refractive errors in children are left uncorrected and results in reduced vision in the affected eye. There is no reason to be anxious though, because eye therapists have developed lazy eye exercises to strengthen lethargic eye muscles.

Here are three effective Lazy Eye Exercises that you may try:

Lazy eye (Amblyopia) sight can be improved or restored if diagnosed and treated early.Lazy Eye Exercice: Playing Captain Hook. This technique requires the use of an eye patch over the stronger eye in order to balance the strength of both eyes. As the stronger eye rests behind the dark patch, the lethargic or lazy eye is compelled to perform and eventually the weaker eye is no longer dependent on the stronger eye.

Lazy Eye Exercise: Optical Gymnastics. When the stronger eye is tucked away under the patch, the weaker eye is now ready for training. The three most important exercise routines are geared to strengthen the eye muscles. These are rolling, focusing, and tracking.

Rolling – imagine the face of a clock and starting from the 12:00 o’clock position, let your eye slowly follow the numbers clockwise until it returns to the 12:00 o’clock position. Retrace the face of the clock backwards.

Focusing – focus on one object and modify its distance from time to time. Do this slowly for several times. This exercise can both strengthen the eye muscles and promote ability of the eye to connect to the brain.

Tracking – choose an object and let the lazy eye focus on it. Maintain a distance and move the object slowly, allowing the weak ye to follow it whichever direction. Online sites can guide you in the correct duration of exercises that can give you your perfect vision without glasses.

Lazy Eye Exercise: Mini moe! Focusing on small objects let the child have a game of picking out small objects from a wall or from the floor.

Lazy Eye Exercise: Game it! With the eye patch on, let the weak eye read small prints for about 15 minutes. Rest and resume after a five-minute rest. Do this Lazy Eye Exercises for at least one hour daily. You may also have fun answering puzzles while training the eye. Some computer and video games inflict greater damage to our eyes but an online site for vision without glasses supplies computer games that can coax the brain to assist you to do the lazy eye exercises.

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