Vision Therapy Exercises: Comfortable Ways to Improve Eyesight

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There are various vision therapy exercises which can be done right in the comfort of your homes and workplace.

Follow simple Vision Therapy Exercises:

Vision therapy exercises are recommendable for everyone's eyes because they are relaxing.Do the Ball Tricks. Get any big sized ball that you have at home and write letters or numbers of different sizes. While it’s tossed to the ceiling, call out the letters or numbers that you see.

Do the Thumb Tricks. Hold your thumbs out at arm’s length and slowly draw circles, crosses in an IN and OUT motions. Keep your head still and focus on every movement as well as with the rest of the room.

Do the Palm Tricks. Warm your hands by rubbing them briskly and then cup them over your closed eyes. Do not press your palms against your eyelids but rest them over the eyebrows. Relax by taking regular deep breaths. While the above vision therapy exercises are very helpful, there are also other visual exercise aids that are available in the Optometric Extension Program Foundation.

From low-tech flashcards for young kids to state-of-the-art computer systems that monitor athletic eye and hand coordination, behavioural optometrists appreciate their comprehensive catalog.

The Test for a Perfect Vision Without Glasses. Hold to your nose a six foot string with three colored beads and and which is fastened on the wall at eye height. Put the first bead closest to the wall; the second one about four feet away and the third one about a foot away. Focusing on the farthest bead, there should be two strings forming a V with the bead at its point.

Looking at the next beads, you should have two strings forming an X with the bead at its cross point. Perfect vision will make you see two strings crossing when you focus on a bead. If not, see a behavioural optometrist. Most likely, your brain is suppressing information from your weaker eye.

The Test for Far-or-Near-Sightedness. Every ten minutes, look up from your work and scan a sheet of newspaper pasted on the wall about 2.5 meters away. First, the bold headline, then the lesser sub heads and then the fine text prints.

This is one vision therapy exercises to help you maintain focus and prevent blurring of visions after long hours of close-focus activities like reading, sewing, wiring, or computer work.

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